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Living on the Edge a collaboration between Marfa Book Company and
Rio Bravo, presented and perceived by Joachim Hamou, in Marfa, Texas,
May 2013

Living on the Edge is a series of public meetings and research focusing on the specific region at the Mexican American border. The militarization of the border and the growing population and the threat from the drug cartels are just some of the issues that will be investigated. But rather then focusing on the problems and discussing what is already known the guest speakers will focus on the many opportunities and solutions that are present.

May 25, 2013 @ Marfa Book Company Starting 6 PM.
UC Berkeley Professor Ronald Rael San Fratello will present a series of critical / theoretical / architectural interventions he has designed for the US = MEXICO border together with author Marc Glover who talks about his explorations around Rio Grande/Rio Bravo troubled water making up the border. The discussion looks at the opportunities this contentious region presents.

May 18, 2013 @ Marfa Book Company Starting 6 PM.
"Americans are crazy about drugs" says federal public defender Liz Rogers from Alpine, Texas. She and her colleague, investigator Octavio Vasquez are probably the ones that knows most about this having to defend immigrants and "mules" – people carrying marijuana across the Mexican American border.

A starting point for this discussion could be last weeks guest, Enrique Madrid; "the war on drugs we know how to win it. You won it, I won it we don't take drugs – right, no weapon can win this war"

May 11, 2013 @ Marfa Book Company Starting 6 PM.
Enrique Madrid is a historian and activist living in Redford on the Mexican American border. On Thursday he will be presenting his concept of the United States of North America. His vision is to dismantling the borders of the whole North American continent. "The abyss between USA and Mexico is already filled by millions of inhabitants and this is the fastest growing region in North America. Now there are 20 million people living here but in 20 years there will be 50 millions. And no border patrol will be able to stop all those people crossing the border"

Big Bend is the name of the region in South Texas following the shape of the border with Mexico. On the Mexican side there is an equal bend just west of the first mentioned. Enrique points out that this is a region that is geographically, culturally and symbolically intertwined and he propose the region should be renamed The Great Big Bend.


The belief-bias effect @ Participatory vs. Consensus (Self Criticism I-IV), Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival 2012. May 24 starting at 4 PM.

The belief-bias effect is described as follows in wikipedia:
Belief bias emanates due to a conflict occurring between belief and logic reasoning. These conclusions within belief bias contain syllogisms and premises. Syllogism is a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two given premises. For example, if this syllogism is broken down it becomes:
Major Premises: All dogs are animals,
Minor Premises: All animals have four legs
Conclusions:All dogs have four legs

Therefore, belief bias occurs when a person's personal beliefs and knowledge do not agree with the conclusion given. This example above is correct and so would be considered valid and believable. However, this example below does not make sense and therefore is invalid and unbelievable:
Major Premises: All poodles are dogs
Minor Premises: All dogs are animals
Conclusion:All animals are poodles.

This is a free event that includes film screenings, live music and dance at least. Produced by Joachim Hamou with Oscar Lara, Andreas Führer and others


Don’t miss the world’s longest bio-drama on the British composer Cornelius Cardew: 7 days in 7 different locations!
Starting Friday 19 of August at 7 PM, ending midnight August 25th...

Link to the Scratch Orchestra 1001 activities.

All events are free!


La Carte et le Territoire at OSLOO - a public space by FOS - San Servolo, Venice (Italy) June 4 from 4 PM

La Carte et le Territoire is a night of events which include the work of composer and artist Andreas Führer, performance artist Mathias Kryger and the ongoing research collaboration Model Court. La Carte et le Territoire is initiated by Joachim Hamou, the founder of Rio Bravo.

The Model Court group will for this event, function as 'legal acoustic consultants' creating a set-up for a courtroom at sea. The basic function of this structure is the same as the audio design of any courtroom, i.e. dictating a legal procedure by means of a path of phonetic transmission between speakers and listeners. A range of experimental musical scores and performances will appropriate this audio infrastructure, sending waves of sound towards Venice “mainland" and beyond.


Performance of scores by Cornelius Cardew at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Friday 20 May, 23.30-01.00

Rio Bravo wishes to investigate it’s own imperial attitude with a series of collective work based on the British avant-garde composer, writer and activist Cornelius Cardew’s work and life.

As the first step towards a 10 days presentation in August, we present the participatory composition The Great Learning – Paragraph 2 (1971) at Charlottenborg’s venue Corso Multisala.

The performance is directed by the composer and artist Andreas Führer and includes at least 30 people.

The midnight performance for drummers and singers follow Cardow’s score, whose complicated narrative is inspired by Ezra Paund’s translation of Confusius.

Cornelius Cardew’s (1936-1981) work and life frame some present questions in art about social responsibility and the presence of such responsibility in the artwork itself. His life followed three different stages, the first one being the ambitious avant-garde composer who studied with Karl Heinz Stockhausen and was influenced by contemporary thinkers like Theodor W Adorno idealizing the sublime and “free” artist.
In the mid 60's Cardew turned his back towards this elitist approach to create a more democratic platform. He started the Scratch Orchestra whose compositions were made so anyone could participate.
Ten years later Cardew turned his back altogether to the academic scene. He embraced the ideas of a global communistic paradigm and composed propaganda songs for this final option.


Friday the 29th Rio Bravo celebrate the last night @ Vester Voldgade with a great party. Bring your own bottles and cigarettes and let’s dance!

After only a year at the location of Vester Voldgade 7 in Copenhagen Rio Bravo is forced out on a Diaspora.

There is no place for for “an interdisciplinary space in Copenhagen to house performances, lectures, and events produced by artists and practitioners of other fields whose work intersects one another” nor is there space “to facilitate last minute arrangements and events that couldn’t be made in places where scheduling is done months in advance”.

But don’t despair. There are plenty of spaces in Copenhagen and abroad where Rio Bravo will momentary rest and organize events in the near future.

Friday the 29th we celebrate the last night with a great party. Bring your own bottles and cigarettes and let’s dance!


You Are Invited: 3 days seminar at Rio Bravo, April 8-10

Friday April 8, starting 21.00: NIETHER YOU NOR ME
For 25 years, we – Anders Mossling and Anders Paulin – have been working together doing theatre, one as an actor and the other as director; Now we launch the project Neither You Nor Me; a combination of performance and educational platform. The work is an examination of the stage as a venue for, and encounters between, equal subjectivities; an arena for production of difference rather than identity. The idea is to create a continuous process of building a performance; stretched out over three years, producing new knowledge, experience and updated terminology for a theatre practice. Where the aim of a traditional production is to arrive to a finalized performance, this project will live only as long as it is under construction. The premiere of the production thus also will constitute its funeral. During this period, we will invite teachers and students to an accumulative examination of the stage as translational inter-space, with the objective of building a toolbox for how to work with theatrical representations out of an idea of interpretation as a performed act instead of a finalized result. Since our aim is to let the work to a large extent be defined by it’s participants, we won’t follow any specific aesthetic paradigm or contextual preference. Participation will be possible in all different timeframes, from 1 hour to 1 year.

Saturday April 9, 15.00-17.00: Master Class with Anders and Anders
A unique possibility to engage with their work in a theoretical and practical way

Saturday April 9, starting 21.00: EGYPTIAN NIGHTS
Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt invited a series of guests to regret in public. Egyptian Nights is a farewell evening. We confess. We excuse. We regret. We will be strong in our weakness. We admit before the opposition asks us to. We open doors to the unbearable past and say goodbye to our mistakes: to ideas, working conditions or genres, that we once worked with, believed in, eventually failed or created a disaster with or simply don’t like anymore. The potentiality and the power of our failed attempts, the embarrassment and the shame of regrettable beliefs will haunt the evening. The unfortunate battles and the unworthy words find their way back into the light. Will our confessions produce a revival or a burial of the mistaken?

Sunday April 10, 15.00-17.00: There Should Be A Question Here
Round table discussion with all guests and participants.


KUP presents CAROLINE BERGVALL at Rio Bravo Thursday, March 31, starting 20.00

Caroline Bergvall is known for her multilingual poetry and cross media work. She describes herself as "A writer working across media, languages, sonic and visual art forms ... corded performances to audio texts, collaborative installations and critical poetics."

Caroline Bergvall will read from her new book "Meddle English" and additional texts.


Artist talk and dinner with Artūrs Punte, member of “Orbita” art-group from Riga(Latvia). Rio Bravo, March 30, starting 19.00

Orbita” (www.orbita.lv) is a collective of Russian poets and artists whose works are dedicated to dialogue between various creative genres (music, video, etc.) and cultures.


I Promise It's Conceptual organized by Adam Drewes.(ALL IN DANISH!)
Rio Bravo March 26 starting 20.00


Model Court Artist Talk and Screening at Rio Bravo March 13 and 19, part of Copenhagen University's Contested Spaces seminar.

Model Court is as an ongoing body of work designed and produced by Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Oliver Rees, Lorenzo Pezzani and Lawrence Abu Hamdan. The project builds upon regular meetings with an international network of people inhabiting the space of the courtroom (lawyers, judges, typists, courtroom artists) and various lm-makers, architects and theorists whose work deals with the spatial, aesthetic and geopolitical aspects of legal procedures. The material produced by these meetings become exhibitions, lectures and workshops that appropriate the various aesthetic and technological issues constituting and mediating the space of the court and the site of justice.

March 13, 16-22, including dinner!
The Memory of Justice
, 1976, directed by Marcel Ophuls “Human beings are guided, in the course of their brief lives in this imperfect world, by the dim recollection of some previous and perfect state of the soul, by the vague memory of ideal Justice" Plato.

Ophuls Memory of Justice is an ambitious and thorough documentary that amplifies and activates  a multitude of voices from all corners of society to explore the subject of international justice, focusing on the Nuremberg trials and their impact on wars in Vietnam and Algeria.

Inspired by Telford Taylor book Nuremberg and Vietnam : An American Tragedy, Ophuls set out to investigate international justice and guilt as specific cultural conception? forged in tribunals, where the atrocities of war become digestible and a truth is coherently produced. 

March 19, 11-14.
This talk will be an expanded presentation of the work made by the Model Court group from the exhibition “And we don't even know if our system looks like our system anymore” at Koh i Noor.

In Rio Bravo the group will discuss the trial of Francois Bazaramba, a Rwandese national convicted by the Finish state for his role in the Rwandan genocide. The trial was conducted predominantly in Finland under Finnish law however on two occasions the Finnish court traveled to Rwanda and Tanzania in order to obtain testimonies.

The geographical distance separating the members of the Finnish court (in Rwanda) and the accused (detained in a Finnish prison) was bridged via video conferencing equipment and Skype that allowed for the trial proceedings to be transmitted between the two nation-states.

The complex technical arrangement of the courtroom together with the geographical, spatial and cultural complications introduced by this trial, are taken as a starting point for exploring the means by which a national juridical space is expanded and mediated into a transnational space of law.


Revolt in Form - The sensibility of activist experimental filmmaking.
2-4 of March
From the 2nd to the 4th of March Rio Bravo will host film screenings, a master class and social meetings and discussions centered around Sylvain Georges work and the film medium as an activist tool. All events are open to the public.

Rio Bravo is pleased to present three days in the company of the French activist and filmmaker Sylvain George, artis Jakob Jakobsen and critic Mikkel Bolt. Programed and arranged by Ulrika Pii Zeuthen and Joachim Hamou.

Sylvain George makes films that write themselves into an activist discourse and expresses the energy of this sensibility through both form and content. He makes poetic film essays with political urgency, dealing with immigration and social movements, and combines formal research and personal active commitment. His films are screened in militant networks, as well as in international film festivals.

March 2nd 19.00: ”QU'ILS REPOSENT EN REVOLTE (Des Figures de guerres I)”. - Screening of Sylvain Georges newest film. 165 min. Composed of fragments that refer back and become mixed up with each other, thus creating multiple games of temporality and spatiality, this film shows the living conditions of migrant persons in Calais over a period of three years.

March 3rd 13.00-16.00: ”Idiome zone” – A master class with Sylvain George.

March 3 rd 19.30: "Fini les meurtres, fini le sang"- (Voices and pictures into the war) - A film program curated by Sylvain George:
"Choques de civilisationes" by José Palazo. 2005. Spain. 31 minutes.
"Tomorrow" by Carmit Harash. 2010. France, Israel. 58 minutes.

March 4th 18.00: “This World We Must Leave - An idea of revolution”. - Mikkel Bolt & Jakob Jakobsen will introduce their latest collaboration; an exhibition consisting of three short films. "With This World We Must Leave we want to investigate and represent the desire for another world that is inherent in the rebellious or revolutionary rupture with the prevailing order: the revolutionary event which both articulates criticism of the existing order and presents a new perspective that reflects on how things could be organized in a different way www.thisworldwemustleave.dk

March 4th 19.30: Dinner and discussion.

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KUP: In Other Words at Rio Bravo Thursday, 17 February starting 19:00

In this artist talk you will meet a Swahili speaking parrot, a ghostlike
donkey and Crusoes Friday speaking various accents: New York-based Brendan Fernandes and Copenhagen-based Nanna Debois Buhl present their project on Karen Blixen, In Other Words, which examines language, migration and translation through the lens of Blixens writings. The artists will also show two of their earlier video work

KUP organizes cross-aesthetic readings in different places in Copenhagen. KUP consists of women. KUP is not associated with any institution. KUP curates collectively.


KUP: Helena Eriksson at Rio Bravo (all in Danish..!)
Friday, February 11 starting 20.00

Helena Eriksson er en svensk digter bosiddende i Göteborg. Hun har udgivet en lang række digtsamlinger, blandt andet i 2008 digtsamlingen "De, bara", med følgende tekst:







KUP arrangerer tværæstetiske oplæsninger forskellige steder i København. KUP består af kvinder. KUP er ikke forbundet med nogen institution. KUP kuraterer kollektivt. KUP - fordi vi har lyst.


Rio Bravo Live #3: Blow me or I burn the house down. Saturday February 5 from 4-6 PM

Frb. Amatørhornorkester:
Brass: Andreas Führer, William Zeuthen
woodwind: Vagn E. Olsson, Jeppe Skjold, Sigurd Buch Kristensen, Joachim Hamou

Rasmus Røhling:
‘untitled’ (Mel as Matta/Matta as Mel)

Arrange by Rasmus Røhling & Andreas Führer


Semiotext(e) Seminar 16 - 20 of January 2011. With the participation of Chris Kraus, Mark von Schlegell and George Porcari.

Sunday 16/1:
Filmschool with George Porcari. 19.00-22.00 Dinner with Chris Kraus

Monday 17/1:
Filmschool with George Porcari. 20.00-22.00 Talk with Mark von Schlegell

Tuesday 18/1:
Filmschool with George Porcari. 20.00-22.00 Talk with Chris Kraus

Wednesday 19/1:
Filmschool with George Porcari. 19.00-22.00 Dinner with Mark von Schlegell

Thursday 20/1:
Filmschool with George Porcari. 20.00-22.00 Talk with Mark von Schlegell

For more information download the pressrelease here.


Rio Bravo live #2: Bravo Bravo. Saturday 18 of December at 8 PM.

BRAVO BRAVO AT RIO BRAVO is a talent show with exciting guests doing exciting things. Come and be amazed by magicians, musicians, people who can bend their bodies in strange ways and more!

Guest judges, Mathias Kryger, Anders Mossling, and Tif Sigfrids will make commentary and performances of their own during the evening, and the talented Art Historian Kristina Valborg Valberg will present the winner with an original piece of artwork, made by an exceptionally talented local artist, who recently received a distinguished prize of his own.

Our talented guests are; Ewa Otulak, Laura Schultz, Thomas Hedemann and Jakob Kullberg

There is talent written all over this invitation and there will be talent pouring out of Rio Bravo this Saturday. There is no entrance fee and you can get the cheapest drinks in town. The performance starts at 20.00 so come in time.

We highly recommend you don't miss it!

read more: http://ibyen.dk/kunst/ECE1144312/saert-talentshow-opfoeres-i-lejlighed/


Evening of readings and a party with Forfatterskolen (Authors School of Copenhagen). Saturday 13 of November starting 8 PM.

Special appearance: Asger Schnack, Zoltan Ará, Olga Ravn, Suzanne Brøgger & Pablo Llambía


Rio Bravo live #1: 'berlin' an album by lou reed. Saturday 30 of October at 8 PM.

A talk show featuring Olof Olsson that will happen live, this Saturday, October 30, 8 P.M.

Come join Olof and his sidekick Anders Mossling to help welcome this weeks exciting guests, including a talkative winged creature and others who you'll just have to show up to find out about.

The 'berlin' an album by lou reed Orchestra will even perform a ditty or two... this is the first of six very special shows that you wont´t want to miss! Every show with a different host!

suported by: støtte


Hey Everyone! Tomorrow is the first yoga class at Rio Bravo!

Come for an hour long Asthanga yoga class from 9:30 until 10:30. The suggested donation is 50 Kroner, but don't let that stop you from coming.

We'll have a small breakfast afterwards too. See you soon!


Contemporary Notes:
Rio Bravo invites the audience of Kopenhagen Contemporary to a series of notes from our time.

Friday September 3, 8 pm
, Ulrika Pii Zeuthen presents a compilation of films from the collective Outrage and Rebellion. Ulrikas quote:

“I think one of the best introduction to the purpose of 0&R are the words said by the French philosopher Sylvere Lotringer in Fergus Daly's beautiful contribution, Matter & Memory : We are eaten up by all the perception that we have, we become receivers, we don't perceive anything, that's what the problem is, we don't perceive because we are assaulted with elements of perception, we are living in an enforced image world, we end up not having the time to perceive anything. Before Capital was invisible, now it's visible in every single instant, in every single image, not through the image itself but the exchangeability of it, exchangeability of the news, exchangeability of ideas - because we see everything but we don't not just remember everything, there is no time to register anything. For there to be memory there have to be traces, unfortunately it's at the very root of perception that erasure occurs so memory itself has become impossible, now we are not even cluttered by anything because nothing penetrates, we live in an armour, we are protected by all that, this kind of indifference, apathy that we have in relation to things - they don't touch us. We are just targeted and we try to defend ourselves against the bombardment. There's a war going on and it's called modern society.

Sylvere Lotringer"

Saturday September 4, 8 pm, the artist Tif Sigfrids, who is on residency at Rio Bravo, will present her take in the contemporary with an evening of seven karaoke song sung by as many people that show up.

Sunday September 5, 4 pm, there will be a info meeting where you have the chance of getting updated with different reports from important activist voices:
One way of dealing with Kopenhagen Contemporary’s arrangement could be by observing the actual political landscape in wish the art-scene, among other scenes, is operating...

The info meeting at Rio Bravo wishes to enlighten some of the observations of contemporary Copenhagen from some of the people and groups who actually work and live here with issues that directly involve people affected of the political climate today.

Following groups have responded on the invitation:



Forældrer mod politibrutalitet

Kuratorisk Aktion



Theater LABLAB at Rio Bravo (all in Danish..!)
Saturday 24 of August 2.30 pm and 8 pm and Sunday 25 of August 3 pm and 5 pm. Tickets and meeting point; VILDSKUD 2010 Festival

Velkommen til VILDSKUD 2010 - årets vigtigste uafhængige teaterbegivenhed!
VILDSKUD er uafhængig, fordi scenekunstnerne udfordrer de etablerede teatre. Vi skal ikke forholde os til et fastlagt repertoire, belægningsprocenter, eller bugnende budgetter. Med kunsten som eneste drivkraft opstår en sjælden kompromisløshed, der kombineret med ustoppelig skabertrang og hårdt frivilligt arbejde giver ny spændende scenekunst. VILDSKUD har eksisteret siden 2003 og bliver hvert år arrangeret og afviklet af aktive scenekunstnere fra det uafhængige teatermiljø omkring teaterHUSET.

”Bare lad som om I er hjemme”. Vennerne holder middag, og du er
 inviteret. Som fluen på væggen kommer tilskuerne helt tæt på. 
Med MÅLTID tager LabLab igen fat i den private lejlighed som spil-
lerum i en teaterform, der kunne kaldes Theatre Verité.

Teatergruppen LabLab er en blandet gruppe af nuværende og tidligere studerende, med primært afsæt fra Afdeling for Dramaturgi, Institut for Æstetiske Fag, Århus Universitet.


Rio Bravo is happy to announce it's first visiting artist in residence sponsored by the Danish Arts Council (DIVA).

Tif Sigfrids will be joining us from Los Angeles for five months, beginning in September. During her time at Rio Bravo she'll help to arrange activities in the space and spend time planning a larger project that involves bringing together independent publishing groups from various places, including writers from LA based Semiotext(e), for a month of events that will include talks, performances, and a publication produced collectively by all of the visitors to the space and YOU!

For more information on Tif's work, you can visit her website; tifsigfrids.com


Dancing With Tears In Their Eyes Two Times Birthday Celebration

Join us for our two times birthday celebration party with dancing & performances by: Trine Mee Sook, Mathias Kryger & Sophie Dupont.

From 8pm // Performance from 9pm //
We have bubbles, cup cakes and DJ Oli Viagra + DJ Fluff!


Wanna join an urban game? - Teleconnection Teledirection (Copenhagen) is looking for players! English artist collaboration Townley & Bradby are in Denmark organizing an urban game that will range across the streets of Copenhagen.

The game is being realized in collaboration with Lars Mathisen and Tijana Miskovic and hosted by Rio Bravo.

The game takes place on Wednesday June 30, 2010 from 12.00 pm and lasts 3 – 4 hours. Starting point is Rio Bravo (Vestervoldgade 7, 3tv, 1552 Copenhagen V).

In the first part of the game, players explore the city alone, but linked to a partner by means of the mobile phone. Each player follows directions (LEFT, RIGHT, U-TURN, etc) texted to them by their partner. The effect is to confuse and misdirect the players' exploration of the city.

In the second part of the game, players gather back at the staring point for a discussion led by the artists. The discussion will produce a collaborative map, turning the experiences of the players into a single pyschogeographic portrait of Copenhagen, as it appeared to those players, on an afternoon in early summer.

Wanna join in?

Find more information about the event and follow the project via the Facebook group or by contacting Tijana Miskovic (+45 60623669/ mail@tijanamiskovic.com)

Teleconnection Teledirection is a free event but since the game is limited to more or less twenty players, we will have to ask you to sign up by emailing your name and contact information to mail@tijanamiskovic.com before Monday June 28 2010.


Thursday the 10th of June at 8 pm, Rio Bravo will screen "The Impossible – Pieces of fury" (120 min) by the French activist and experimental documentary director Sylvain George. This film is presented by Ulrika Pii Zeuthen.

The Impossible – Pieces of fury: Influenced by Rimbaud, Lautréamont, Dostoyevsky and Benjamin, this film sets out to bear witness to the discriminatory policies that shape our society, the “hellish“ lives of certain political groups (migrants, immigrants, workers, students, the unemployed…). Through a minority perspective, this film creates a critical path of mythical and majority realities : bare life, state of emergency… ; and directly examines the question of rebellion and insurrection : overload, the loss of identity, undecidable reconfiguration….Thus, by dialectic reversal, “off-premises“ that cannot be assimilated are made visible: bodies - impossible.

The film is divided into five parts: I. Niggers Wood (Je brûle comme il faut !), II. Ballad For A Child (On ne te tuera pas plus que si tu étais cadavre), III. Je me suis armé contre la justice (Burn ! Burn ! Burn !), IV. Le Temps des assassins (Fire Music), V. Tu resteras hyène etc. (The book of the damned).

Réalisateur : Sylvain George 2009 - Mini DV, Super 8 mm, 16 mm - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France - 120' Image : Sylvain George - Son : Sylvain George - Montage : Sylvain George Production, distribution : Noir Production (noirproduction@no-log.org, +33(0)650309669)

Sylvain George is a young director, poet and activist. After completing his liberal arts studies (MA in Philosophy, Political Science and Film) and taking a number of shortcuts, he began making poetic, political and experimental film essays, dealing primarily with immigration


The month of May at Rio Bravo facilitates some public research.Rio Bravo is going to be the research hub for too programmer this month. Come and take part in Ulrika’s film research prior to here programming for the Danish film institute, or listen to Hugos proposal examining notions of community, participation, collaboration, and social and public movements.

Ulrika Pii Zeuthen is a freelance programmer at the Cinematheque of the Danish Filminstitute. She has a special interest in experimental film and in the crossover between art cinema and activism. Ulrika will extend her program throughout the year but in May she invite the audience to take part in here research by watching some of the films she might put on the program of the Film Institute.

Ulrika Pii Zeuthen program will start the second week of May - more information will come.

Hugo Hopping is an American visual artist based in Los Angeles and Copenhagen with a long praxis in social/political art. He will present a series of lectures on the practices of political services in the art field called SUMMER READING FOR EVENTUAL PEOPLE or THREE LECTURES AS A PROPOSAL FOR AN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL OF CRITICAL INQUIRY. The workshop will include the reading of texts, artwork, still images, video, and sound. READING LIST WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE WORKSHOP.

Hugo Hopping will be offering three lectures as a proposal for an independent school of critical inquiry this month every Thursday at 19:00 starting on May 6th.


Film Night with ash stranded artists; Michel Auder and Michael Stickrod show their films Thursday 22 April. Starting 19.00

Video allowed Michel Auder to translate Warhol’s talent for making the banal glamorous and the glamorous banal into a diary practice which Auder himself did not consider fine art. His earliest works are travel logs and endearing portraits of friends including Hannah Wilke, Alice Neel, Annie Sprinkle, Eric Bogosian, Louis Waldon, and Larry Rivers. The label “video artist” was applied retroactively when Auder began exhibiting his work in 1980. At that time, he produced a series of works including scripted biographical material and video collages appropriating material from television. As the quality of video cameras improved and access to editing facilities increased, Auder’s skills as an auteur became more apparent.

Michael Stickrod’s videos are mesmerizing constructions of personal family documentations that range from reel-to-reel audio recordings of his mother’s memories, to scans of her paintings, to video that Stickrod shot observing his parents’ daily lives. The woven portraits of his father and mother become non-linear and abstract statements on life lived in the day-to-day. Jarrett Gregory of the New Museum writes, “The films capture a Depression-era sensibility and are reminiscent of works by American playwrights Eugene O’Neill and Arthur Miller, both of whom have investigated the struggle for autonomy within a family and the dissolution of the American Dream.”


COMEDY NIGHT hosted by TIF SIGfRIDS, tuesday 20 APril, 19.00-21.00
"An Evening of Jokes to Entertain The Woman Upstairs"


There was a minor conflict during the first evening at Rio Bravo where the woman upstairs complained of noise and asked what kind of space we were planning on having here. We told her there would be performances and other things like yoga classes, movie nights, and meetings of many types. She asked if there would be applause...

An Evening of Jokes to Entertain the Woman Upstairs is an evening of
professional comedy performed by amateurs. A group of artists have been
invited to take the stage and deliver routines based on a wide range of
topics, addressing topics like being white, being gay, to asking the age-old
question of why God created herpes.

These jokes aren’t being told for the first time, but it’s the first
time you’ll hear this group of people telling them.

Surely you'll laugh... maybe you'll even clap, and if the woman upstairs comes down to complain we'll tell we made the night for her and maybe that's all it will take to resolve the conflict of the first night at Rio Bravo.


Talk given by the curators of Castillo/Corrales on their show BREAKING POINT: KATHRYN BIGELOW'S LIFE IN ART(shown at Signal in Malmö).

Talk start monday 12 April at 19.00 here at Rio Bravo

Citing the press material from Catillo/Corrales: "Breaking Point traces Kathryn Bigelow’s trajectory in art in the 1970s and subsequent progression into the contemporary popular cinematic landscape starting in the mid 1980s. The exhibition starts with Lawrence Weiner’s video of a young Bigelow reading aloud in a mise-en-scène similar to a romantic post-Nouvelle Vague sequence. We then follow her path from contributions to The Fox journal and the early issues of Semiotext(e) to Cinématographe and L’Ecran Fantastique, from collaborating with The Red Krayola and New Order, from quoting Jurgen Habermas and Mao Tse-Tung to casting Jamie Lee Curtis and Angela Bassett, from participating in the 1976 Venice Biennale to the 2010 Academy Awards, where her 2009 film The Hurt Locker is an award frontrunner."


Opening PARty at/for Rio Bravo, saturday 3 ApriL (2010)

Opening night; a great party...